RM100.00 RM273.00

  MORE INFORMATION  An executive-inspired smart and elegant laptop backpack that is suitable for work and leisure purpose. Built-in LED light that can be activated by pressing the button on the shoulder strap. Blinking LED and reflective strips on the side and back that keep...


Bright Carrier

RM165.30 RM348.00

The Bright Carrier is an executive-inspired messenger bag that is well-liked and looks great for both male and female. It has a simplistic design with functional pockets inside and outside for quick access of personal belongings such as cards, mobile phone and wallet. To ease searching for...


Bright Tote 3.0

RM210.40 RM443.00

MORE INFORMATION   The Bright Tote is a lady tote bag featuring integrated mini LED lights, enabling users to find their keys, glasses, make-up, bottles, MP3 player or mobile phone quickly, even in the dark. The ligth turns on or off automatically when the handbag's...


Carbon 2.0

RM80.00 RM282.00

*Please consider sale purchases carefully as TERMINUS do not offer a warranty, refunds, credits or exchanges on this promotional item*  Carbon 2.0 keeps the charm and coolness of its predecessor but exudes a more classy look with the textured and glossy PU leather. The spacious main compartment comes with organized...


Charger Backpack

RM225.50 RM358.00

MORE INFORMATION    A sturdy yet comfortable smart and suave laptop backpack that can house multiple gadgets and possessions that are essential for business work, meeting or travel. Easy access top pocket offers convenience for storing sunglasses, coins and transport cards. Discreet front compartment that...



RM135.20 RM169.00

  Carry less or more with the expandable Classic Sling. The Classic Sling is a hands-free carry solution that gives you freedom of movement while lightening your pockets. The expandable side panel design allows the Classic Sling to hold more when required and naturally self-contracts...


Daddy Cool

RM255.20 RM319.00

    DADDY COOL is the fourth design iteration of the award winning best in class diaper bag. Since the first version won the Red Dot Design Award 2014 and the Mother & Baby magazine Gold Award 2016, DADDY COOL is a result of years...




DADDY COOL (COMPACT EDITION)   THE PERFECT DIAPER BAG FOR DADDY- MINIMAL BY DESIGN & MAXIMUM IN CAPACITY.   DADDY COOL (COMPACT EDITION) is the 5th version of the Red Dot Design Award-winning best-in-class diaper bag. Designed for the discerning dad who prefers a minimalist...



RM343.20 RM429.00

EXPLORER   The Ultimate Under-Seat Carry-on Travel Bag The Explorer Backpack is designed for short 1-3 day trips and to be stored under the seat of most airplanes, for your in-flight convenience. Its engineered Envelope Cavity design allows the bag to carry between 22L to...


EZ Carrier Plus

RM66.50 RM169.00

*Please consider sale purchases carefully as TERMINUS do not offer a warranty, refunds, credits or exchanges on this promotional item*  The EZ Carrier sling bag is worn over the shoulder with its one strap that wraps around your body for stylish comfort. With its multiple zippered compartments on both side of...


Flying Fox


Well organize compartments for small items. Great comfort with extra back padding. Soft lining that won’t scratch your gear. Adjustable strap. Grab handle. Suitable for 15” laptop.   Material : Nylon + 210PUSize : 12.75” (W) x 17.75” (H) x 6.5” (D)Weight : ± 800g   Actual product(s)...



RM167.20 RM209.00

GAINS is designed for the determined gym enthusiast. It is made for high efficiency, enabling you to get in and out of the gym, quickly in an organised functional approach. The dedicated clean compartment allows access to your gym clothes and accessories with ease while the...



RM183.20 RM229.00

It’s our privilege to deliver functional bags for your needs. We are sincerely honoured by your support. As an award-winning brand, we pledge to continue delivering best in class bags that will be your first choice. GRIND (ROSE GOLD EDITION) Grind (Rose Gold Edition) is...


Gym Ace

RM114.00 RM273.00

    *Please consider sale purchases carefully as TERMINUS do not offer warranty, refunds, credits or exchanges on this promotional item*   The Gym Ace backpack is a close cousin of the Gym Pro, and both are made from versatile water resistant and light weight fabric. The fabric is great in...


Hypro 2.0

RM189.60 RM301.00

    Hypro 2.0 is an amazing laptop backpack for both professionals and students. The backpack comes with well designed compartments for laptop and tablet and a systematic way to organise all your important documents without any hassle. This all rounder backpack offers you great comfort...



RM114.00 RM301.00

    Mamamia is a specially designed convertible backpack-style postnatal bag for working and active mothers. It is a great storage and carrier for mothers who are in the lactation stage and need to manage both work and nursing commitment at the same time. The top...


Mini EZ 5.0

RM128.90 RM179.00

MINI EZ 5.0 The Mini EZ 5.0 is a sling bag worn over the shoulder with its one strap that wraps around your body for a stylish comfort. With its multiple zippered compartments inside and out, the bag is equipped with many spaces for your...


Plus 2.0

RM207.90 RM330.00

  MORE INFORMATION   The Plus 2.0 backpack has an interesting geometrical-inspired outlook. Though having a sturdy and robust build, Plus 2.0 is in fact quite light weight and suited well for modern executives to carry with their multiple gadgets and documents that are essential for business work, meeting...



RM172.20 RM239.00

ROAM BACKPACK The Roam backpack is a slim compact backpack designed for everyday use. There are two zippered pockets on the front of bag for quick access items and a hidden zippered compartment on the back for your valuables. There is a host of smart...


S Bikerz

RM147.30 RM310.00

    The S-Bikerz is a smart and lightweight backpack specially designed for motorbike users. The sleek and versatile backpack is meant to be slim and fit close to the user’s body for a pleasant feeling. The strobing light from the centrally-located LED strip heightens the visibility...


Simple Mate

RM66.50 RM188.00

    The Simple-mate bag is the big brother of Simpli-city in term if bigger size. With its unique shape, clean lines sleek and simple look. It comes with a agood padded contour for the back panel, leaving the wearer feel comfortable when put on....


Slimmac 2.0

RM66.50 RM179.00

    Light and compact backpack built to delight the young urban communities. This sleek and and versatile backpack designed for your gadgets features a compartment to hold up to 14" laptop and a felt-lined separate slot for an iPad / tablet, mobile phone and...


Transformer Lite

RM305.10 RM565.00

    Separable two sections that unzips into a handy laptop document briefcase, and a compact rolling luggage. Cabin approved and on board allowance guaranteed with most airlines. Two large front zippered pocket to store work or personal paraphernalia for an easy reaching convenience. A...


Urban Pac

RM134.00 RM250.00

    The Urban Pac sling bag exudes a modern and urban elegance with its unconventional shape and pocket orientations for urbanites to store their personal belongings, mobile gadgets and travel documents comfortably. Made from fashionable fabric, it is designed with a bigger storage capacity and larger...


Urban Pro X

RM157.70 RM219.00

The Urban Pro X is a slim, compact and uniquely designed sling bag that exudes the charm and elegance normally not found in sling bags. It suits the modern lifestyle of millennials who prefer to pack less and cherish freedom of movement. Urban Pro X is worn over the...


Urban Todd

RM170.10 RM320.00

*Please consider sale purchases carefully as TERMINUS do not offer warranty, refunds, credits or exchanges on this promotional item* A trendy and fashionable diaper backpack with multiple compartment designed specifically for parents with toddlers to use for any purpose, be it for shopping, travelling or clinical visits. Made from...


Woolevard 3.0

RM114.00 RM282.00

    Please consider sale purchases carefully as TERMINUS do not offer warranty, refunds, credits or exchanges on this promotional item*   The "grab and go" kind of bag that comes with a front strap for your convenience. This beautifully contour-shaped design is made of durable hard case material...


Wrinkles Ultra


WRINKLES ULTRA Ultralight & organized everyday carry. Wrinkles Ultra is an ultra-lightweight full-fledged (non-foldable) everyday backpack with highly functional features. Constructed with Refined Nylon, not only is the exterior fabric durable & water repellent, it is ultra-lightweight, at only 615g. For a backpack at this...