Work Bags


Bright Carrier

RM165.30 RM348.00

    MORE INFORMATION   The Bright Carrier is an executive-inspired messenger bag that is well-liked and looks great for both male and female. It has a simplistic design with functional pockets inside and outside for quick access of personal belongings such as cards, mobile phone and...


Carbon 2.0

RM80.00 RM282.00

*Please consider sale purchases carefully as TERMINUS do not offer a warranty, refunds, credits or exchanges on this promotional item*  Carbon 2.0 keeps the charm and coolness of its predecessor but exudes a more classy look with the textured and glossy PU leather. The spacious main compartment comes with organized...


Charger Backpack

RM225.50 RM358.00

  MORE INFORMATION    A sturdy yet comfortable smart and suave laptop backpack that can house multiple gadgets and possessions that are essential for business work, meeting or travel. Easy access top pocket offers convenience for storing sunglasses, coins and transport cards. Discreet front compartment...


Plus 2.0

RM207.90 RM330.00

  MORE INFORMATION   The Plus 2.0 backpack has an interesting geometrical-inspired outlook. Though having a sturdy and robust build, Plus 2.0 is in fact quite light weight and suited well for modern executives to carry with their multiple gadgets and documents that are essential for business work, meeting...


Hypro 2.0

RM189.60 RM301.00

    Hypro 2.0 is an amazing laptop backpack for both professionals and students. The backpack comes with well designed compartments for laptop and tablet and a systematic way to organise all your important documents without any hassle. This all rounder backpack offers you great comfort...



RM172.20 RM239.00

  MORE INFORMATION   The Roam backpack is a slim compact backpack designed for everyday use. There are two zippered pockets on the front of bag for quick access items and a hidden zippered compartment on the back for your valuables. There is a host...


Bright Tote 3.0

RM210.40 RM443.00

  MORE INFORMATION   The Bright Tote is a lady tote bag featuring integrated mini LED lights, enabling users to find their keys, glasses, make-up, bottles, MP3 player or mobile phone quickly, even in the dark. The ligth turns on or off automatically when the...