Everyday Bags



RM183.20 RM229.00

It’s our privilege to deliver functional bags for your needs. We are sincerely honoured by your support. As an award-winning brand, we pledge to continue delivering best in class bags that will be your first choice. GRIND (ROSE GOLD EDITION) Grind (Rose Gold Edition) is...


Mini EZ 5.0

RM128.90 RM179.00

MINI EZ 5.0 The Mini EZ 5.0 is a sling bag worn over the shoulder with its one strap that wraps around your body for a stylish comfort. With its multiple zippered compartments inside and out, the bag is equipped with many spaces for your...


Urban Pro X

RM157.70 RM219.00

The Urban Pro X is a slim, compact and uniquely designed sling bag that exudes the charm and elegance normally not found in sling bags. It suits the modern lifestyle of millennials who prefer to pack less and cherish freedom of movement. Urban Pro X is worn over the...


Urban Pac

RM134.00 RM250.00

    The Urban Pac sling bag exudes a modern and urban elegance with its unconventional shape and pocket orientations for urbanites to store their personal belongings, mobile gadgets and travel documents comfortably. Made from fashionable fabric, it is designed with a bigger storage capacity and larger...


Wrinkles Ultra


WRINKLES ULTRA Ultralight & organized everyday carry. Wrinkles Ultra is an ultra-lightweight full-fledged (non-foldable) everyday backpack with highly functional features. Constructed with Refined Nylon, not only is the exterior fabric durable & water repellent, it is ultra-lightweight, at only 615g. For a backpack at this...